40th SOC Code of Conduct


The 40th SOC is a group of like minded friends, that enjoy flying DCS in a tactical way to mimic real world operations.


The following Code of conduct is set to keep the above and our core values in mind.

Demonstrate good manners, courtesy and considerations to others
Never attack or question the motives of another member.
During mission briefs only flight leads may talk, after they are done talking they will open the floor to questions, comments and concerns.
One person talks at a time, DO NOT try to talk over others, LISTEN to the person speaking.
DO NOT dominate conversations, interrupt or participate in side conversations or make any unnecessary remarks.
During missions we expect professionalism from all participants. The use of proper brevity is encouraged.
Once the mission is over we do a full tacview debrief, you are expected to stay around during this time.
Disruptive or disrespectful behavior or any other breach of the code of conduct may result in suspension from participation or dismissal from the 40th SOC


The 40th SOC has a zero tolerance policy for abuse, the use of derogatory remarks, personal insults, threats or any form of racism or discrimination.